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“I suffered from several food allergies. When I discovered NAET and received treatment, I could again enjoy the foods I had not been able to eat for the past 14 years.” 

~ Ethel, Victoria

“As the mother of a teenager with various allergies, I am “pleased”, “surprised” and “relieved” that with the NAET treatment he is now able to eat foods he previously had to avoid. He is also more able to tolerate dust etc. which previously affected him and which is difficult to avoid. Thank you so much Carol.”

~ J. S., Selby, Victoria

“When I used to eat cheese I’d get a lump in my throat and a sore chest. After the NAET treatment for cheese mix I can safely eat cheese again with no ill effects!”

– Jeremy S. Victoria 

“An amazing thing has been happening to me in relation to sugar – I have NO desire for it, NO longer want the occasional desert after dinner and now when I eat something sweet, I wish I hadn’t as it makes me feel really uncomfortable. I was never really a big sugar fan anyway – just occasionally. NO more wanting sugar or any sweet things for me.”

– Karen Winter
NAET Practitioner

“Before NAET I was suffering from constant stomach aches which had been occurring for years. These had been put down to Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I could never pinpoint any particular foods that could be the cause. Carol helped me to eliminate many allergies and identify and correct several vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Now I’m feeling great, I have more energy, no stomach aches, and I am able to accept dinner invitations with confidence.”

– Julie, Ringwood, Victoria

Case Study

Ash’s Story



Hi Carol,

Just to let you know that my hands are all better now. Photos attached.

The rashes slowly went away. Now, no matter what I eat or touch, nothing causes a reaction so your treatments have cured me.

Thanks so much,


My husband saw Carol for Naet treatment to treat his allergies which were causing eczema on the back of his hands and neck, which persisted for several months, and could only be controlled by using steroid creams. The eczema used to flare up after eating particular foods or touching allergens like grasses. Like the book says, “Say Good-bye to Illness”. The eczema started improving straight away and (in combination with removing an infected root canal tooth), within a few weeks it had totally cleared up and now he doesn’t have any more allergic reactions and no more nasty steroids. Thank you so much Carol.

Lorraine Pratley (Ash’s wife)




Case Study

Virginia’s Story

“My problem was Fructose Malabsorption. It was identified by a dietician to whom I had been referred by my Gastro Specialist. To deal with it I needed to follow a diet sheet. An apparently random list of apparently “healthy” foods – like onions, apples, wheat and honey, and many more – were forbidden. While it worked for my symptoms, it ruined my social life. Unless I came prepared with my own 100% rye sandwiches, eating out was difficult. Then I met Carol

The weekly N.A.E.T. treatments continued over several months, and there were times when I wondered if it was making any difference, but I can now say that I can accept invitations to eat with friends without hesitation. And, as an added bonus, I have also got rid of the “hangover” or “shadow” effect of the Shingles attack I had had nine years earlier.”

– Virginia Burns

Case Study

Annette’s Story

Annette suffered from severe hives for several months mostly on her arms  but sometimes on her shoulders, back and even legs.

Here’s what she said about working with Carol:

“For months every time I got into bed within about 30 minutes I would start to itch, my skin would turn bright red and burn terribly and lumps of all sizes would begin to appear mostly on my arms but could spread quickly to my neck shoulders chest and occasionally my legs. I honestly thought I was being bitten by something but my husband wasn’t affected at all. I treated my bedroom, had a new mattress and bedding etc. all to no avail.

This situation was becoming a serious problem for me as not only was it incredibly painful but I literally couldn’t sleep for months and I had no relief from anything else I tried. Even the doctors remedies where of no use, so at the end of my rope I searched the internet and decided to try a different avenue for some help and that is where I  found Carol Giles (my lifesaver!).

Carol did several NAET treatments on me and after a treatment for dental aesthetic amongst other things, as I was having a lot of dental work at the time she gave me my life back.

I cannot thank Carol enough for her help in finding the problem and fixing it for me.”

~ Annette

Postscript: After the usual treatments where we explore what the body is reacting to we were able to reduce the reactions however they were still happening. Annette mentioned that she had had extensive dental work, so we got her dentist to provide us with a small sample of the anaesthetic he used. Since treating Annette for reactions to the anaesthetic the hives have disappeared and have never returned, she is back to full heath, sleeping well and has had no re-occurrences since.

Case Study

Desiree’s Story

Written summary from Desiree Downes:
“I came to see you about six months ago because I had a rash on the outside corners and lids of my eyes. They were very sore, red and itchy and the skin was cracking. I had been suffering with this for about a month before I came to see you. The doctor had prescribed cortisone cream. This did not do anything apart for give some temporary relief. It didn’t fix it. I have never suffered from allergies apart from being mildly sensitive to my cat, and only around October/November each year.

It had got to the point where other people noticed my painful looking eyes and I found that embarrassing. When I tried to cover it with eye shadow, it actually changed the color of the shadow.

I didn’t resort to using any creams, just persevered with the NAET program. The redness and soreness has now cleared up as has the cracked skin. We found that I reacted to animals, dust and dust mites, pollens, and that heat exacerbated the problem. I noticed a marked improvement after the treatments for animals, particularly my cat and the dust and dust mites when I cleaned at work. I clean elderly people’s houses and my eyes would get itchy and sore.

It now looks and feels much better. Being on my face I was very conscious of it and embarrassed when people asked me what the matter with my eyes was. It was very encouraging when friends noticed that it was improving.”

– Desiree

Case Study

Tony’s Story (as told by his mother, Barbara Stringer)

“Tony (38) had multiple brain tumor surgeries which affected the hypothalamus and pituitary gland resulting in many medical problems including diabetes and short-term memory problems.

Tony’s reaction to the first treatment was the most startling. The BBF treatment, brain/body function, seemed to “reconnect” his brain. He was so much more alert and aware to the point where people have repeatedly commented on it. Everyone comments on how much more with us he is.

Since being on the treatment his memory has improved. Previously he could have a carer for several weeks and still not remember her name; he had a new carer yesterday and told me her name today as I couldn’t remember it. His memory has really improved. This was after we were told that he needed to live in a locked nursing home.

We were told that it would be very difficult for him to lose weight because of the amount of cortisone which he has to be on. I have noticed as we have proceeded with the NAET program that Tony has lost an amount of weight. Over the period that he has been doing the NAET program he has lost 10kg.

It is now a lot easier for me as he seems to have a lot more control. He is more alert mentally; he is more back to Tony. When you talk to him you are talking to Tony again not someone you’re fighting against the whole time. I would have to fight to manage his food intake because he always feels hungry because he is missing that hormone which tells him that he is full. His body no longer produces that hormone. He can now remember that he has eaten. Doctors cannot give him this hormone because of the cocktail of medication which he already takes.

Tony had no evident allergies, but I believe that he had multiple sensitivities. For example, he craved and drank a lot of coffee. I think this was because he was feeling bad and felt like he needed a pick-me-up. Now he feels better in himself, he no longer craves coffee and drinks a lot less. Since his treatments, he has been a lot more “aware”. As a friend put it Tony is more animated and more like his old self. You can now have and in-depth conversation with him like you used to.”

– Barb Stringer

Hello Carol,

I just wanted to touch base following the NAET treatment. I felt very tired the first night and generally speaking under the weather (as if I had partied the previous night!) all of yesterday until I reached the 25th hour. Apart from that, all good.

Re our hypnosis session, I feel good emotionally and I had a very interesting dream that showed the session is impacting me… I dreamt that my mum’s apartment floor was completely crooked. It really felt like a way for me to symbolically express that I was now seeing what was happening in her and I distance myself from her own mind. So I am very happy with that. I am also doing much more EFT with all sorts of subjects and I can see it is starting to help me 🙂

Finally, I have reflected about the next appointment’s timing issues and I have decided I will organise myself so that I can come on Tuesday morning at 8:30am like you offered (for both Hugo and I). However, I do have a question: is it too early following the NAET session on Monday at 1:30pm? The 25 hours won’t have passed… Let me know what you think.

Many thanks and have a lovely weekend!

Case Study

Faye’s Story


“Before I started my NAET Treatment with Carol I had been sick for about 30 years and was getting worse as I got older. I could not drink tap water and I could not take my thyroid medication or vitamins. I also reacted to many foods. I thought I knew what I was reacting to but my ongoing treatment with Carol proved that I was allergic to a lot more than I realised. Carol treated me for all sorts of things including foods, medications, tap water, carpet and even my denture! Carol has completely turned my life around. I am now confident to plan ahead and to dine out with my friends.

I appreciate so much what Carol has done for me. She has given me back the quality of life we all deserve. I have found Carol to be very caring, patient and friendly and unlike some practitioners, she is a great listener.
Thank you so much Carol. I will be forever grateful.”

– Faye Chesney

Case Study

Claire’s Story

“For as long as I can remember I’ve had problems with certain foods. When I was a kid, all I can remember about meal times is sitting on the couch afterwards feeling really sick. Sometimes I would sit there for hours until I felt better I put it down to the fact that I couldn‘t digest meat products, and therefore stopped eating them. As I grew up, I experienced this same problem with other foods – the main one being dairy. I used to go to bed every night with severe stomach pains and an overwhelming feeling of nausea. I would often wake in the morning feeling the same – often even worse. There was even few days that I couldn‘t get out of bed as it was easier just to lie there and sleep. I had seen many doctors and had every test under the sun, and I never got any answers on what made me feel so unwell all the time.

It wasn‘t until I came out of hospital after an operation on my knee that I felt so unwell that I decided to see Carol. Since leaving the hospital, I had been even worse than ever before. I couldn’t stay awake after getting home from work – I would eat my dinner and go straight to bed. Even when I woke in the morning, I would feel like I had barely slept at all. I felt unwell all the time. I felt that bad that I couldn’t even go out for a few hours for dinner with my friends. I just couldn’t escape it and nobody seemed to understand what I was going through. I felt like everybody thought I was making it all up.

Carol gave me an allergy test, and we discovered that I was allergic to a lot of different foods – not just those I knew I had issues with. Since then I have had a series of NAET treatments, and I now feel better than I have in years! 1 can eat as much dairy as I want and feel no different than before eating it. I have so much energy and I haven‘t felt sick in months! It’s great to be able to enjoy food again, and not just worry about having to consume it.

I have my old life back – and I owe it all to Carol and NAET!

Thanks Carol.”

– Claire S. Victoria

Case Study

David's Story

*This is a description of the results of David’s NAET treatments by Carol in David’s own words.*

“Prior to having the NAET Natural Alternate Energy Therapy balancing program I suffered from hay fever and had very strong reactions to animals. This was very inconvenient as our family have horses and dogs and we have a large block of land which I slash using a ride on brush cutter.

Good Friday 2011 the horse stuck its leg through a fence and I had to hold it and pacify it whilst the vet dealt with it.  I had its head over my shoulder with its face right up against my face I thought I would come down in a blistering heap here sooner or later, but the horse was in trouble and I had to help. Before the treatment I would have turned into a sneezing wreck with swollen eyes and tears all over the place but that didn’t happen.

Then later on I did two days mowing on a brush cutter. This is a huge ride on mower with almost a 6ft cut and there was stuff going everywhere. Ellen, my wife, commented after I had finished that it was funny that I hadn’t sneezed when I had been holding the horse and asked whether I had taken any antihistamines. I realized that I hadn’t and then also realized that I had been using the brush cutter for two days and hadn’t suffered with any hay fever symptoms from that either. Previously I would suffer an attack of hay fever, take an antihistamine and have to go and have a sleep for three or four hours to get over it.

I am Very Surprised and Happy with the results and would recommend anyone suffering from allergies like hayfever to see Carol.”

~ David

Regardless of the allergy or health issue you are currently living with Carol’s treatments work and have helped hundreds of people just like you… people who have decided that they have suffered long enough and made the call to try Carol’s NAET treatments. Carol is one of a handful of practitioners in Australia who has been trained by Dr Devi Nambudripad (the developer of NAET), to help naturally minimise sensitivities of Australian patients.

You deserve to clear these allergies from your life – no one deserves to suffer constantly as a result of allergies – you deserve to get your life back and your choices back!

Case Study

Jodie's Story

Diagnosed with Fructose Malabsorption 3 years ago but has been suffering from the symptoms for approximately 15 years.

Symptoms: Bloating, flatulence, constipation or diarrhea with incredible intense pain like someone knifing you. Usually it came in waves and lasted until the Diarrhea occurred within 20 to 30 minutes of eating the offending foods, but it could take up to 24 hours to react at which time you could be quite unprepared and nowhere near a toilet. The pain I used to suffer was intense, like someone knifing you and came in waves. After a reaction I would be tired for the next 24 to 48 hours.

"It was very difficult to find suitable prepared food out. There is a very long list of foods which cause reactions for people suffering from fructose malabsorption. Some of the foods which I could not eat included fruit, onions, honey, apple and coconut milk. KFC potato chips were a no, no because of the onion powder which they use in the chicken salt. The only reliable food to buy out which would not cause a reaction was plain hot potato chips and you get very tired of them. This meant that I could not eat at a restaurant and had to have everything prepared from scratch.

I couldn’t eat bread because of the fructans in the wheat. Gluten free foods could have honey, apple juice, or pear juice as a sweetener so I couldn’t eat them. Artificial sweeteners used to give me migraines.

This is a very wearing and isolating complaint and can easily cause depression. I became upset as I would not go out socially and became isolated.

Since completing the program I can eat out like normal people and I don’t have to worry. I have got my life back and can be normal. Everyone in my family is happier, especially mum. I can travel now without worrying about food. When I visited America it was a nightmare. Americans use corn syrup a lot to sweeten things like iced tea. Corn syrup is high in fructose. Whilst travelling I was up from 1.00 am to 5.00 am before a trip which we had to start at 6.00 am because I had inadvertently eaten something on a tour of an Armish town. When going round the supermarket to pick up something to take back to our apartment for tea mum and I were in tears because there was nothing available. We finally settle on a fried chicken. The freedom on my next trip is mind blowing.

My family no longer has to think can I go to this or that restaurant or eat this or that.


~ Jodie

Case Study

Sea’s Story

These case studies represent just a selection of some of the amazing results that Carol has had with her treatments which allowed these people to get their lives back and get on with living life to the fullest.

The pain of parents and the suffering of children

However, what about the suffering you endure when you are a parent and it’s your precious little one that is suffering from an allergy, and you’d give anything to help them live without having to suffer from their allergies.

…Angela came to see Carol with her 2 year old daughter Sea


“Sea’s diet was very restricted. She wasn’t able to eat eggs, some dairy, nuts except for hazelnuts or almonds. A skin prick test showed an allergy to dust. Dairy didn’t come up but we knew that there was an intolerance by the way she was after eating dairy. Some things we were certain of, but others were questionable and we found other sensitivities as we progressed with the program.

If we had a party I would have to make a separate cake for Sea. Her general disposition was affected. We wouldn’t know why, we just knew that something had affected her. She would become irritable, crying, tired and complaining of pains in her stomach, and leg pains at night. She frequently had a blocked nose, sneezing, or runny nose and her emotions were very erratic. If she was bitten by an insect, she had a much stronger reaction than other children. Since the treatment her reactions are normal.

I had to watch what she ate when she went out and check the packets for ingredients on everything I bought. It was especially hard in social situations. Other people would be very nervous about providing food for her. This was very difficult.

The most dramatic and noticeable change in Sea very early in the treatments was the change in her demeanor. She was much happier; she had more energy and was less tired. She was much more content. Even at her age she was very conscious that she was different to the other children and wasn’t able to have what everyone else had. She now feels socially acceptable, part of the group which is important at her age.

It is now so much easier for me. We can go anywhere and stop off for something to eat if the children are hungry without having to worry about finding something special for Sea, or worry if someone offers her something to eat. I used to feel like people thought I was making a big deal about this and it made people feel uncomfortable when you asked what was in the food being offered to Sea when really I was only looking after her wellbeing. It is lovely not having to worry so much or use the antihistamine when she comes into contact with dairy products or eggs. She can now include these in her diet with no problem.

If any prospective clients would like to speak to me personally, I would not mind you passing on my telephone number.”

~ Angela

Case Study

Jisela's Story


"For years I have suffered from hives accompanied by terrible itching which was only alleviated by antihistamine tablets. This occurred anything from once a week to every second day and I could not find the cause.

I was very skeptical of the NAET treatments at first, however Carol was very understanding and took time to explain things to me. After the initial Basic treatments Carol treated me for some known problems, e.g. metals in jewelry and after 25 hours I was immediately able to wear my ear-studs again, after 16 years of abstinence, what a delight! Other problems were mosquito and insect bites such as March flies. Whenever I have been bitten by anything in the past I experienced sever swellings which itched for weeks Now I am no more affected than anybody else and camping is an enjoyable pastime.

I experienced hot flashes, mainly at night which cleared up after treatment for heat and sweat. NAET is fantastic!!!

Finally I was able to pinpoint some triggers for my hives like food coloring, Coke and Tonic Water. I’m now generally free of hives and this gives me a tremendous freedom to enjoy the things which I like.”

~ Jisela Bruder, Healesville

Case Study

Voula’s Story


“Thank you NAET.  Since Carol treated my daughter for her peanut allergy she no longer reacts to them.  I can rest easy, secure in the knowledge that if she does unknowingly eat anything containing peanuts or something which had been in contact with peanuts she will no longer suffer the reactions which have worried me for so long.”

~ Voula

Case Study

Barbara’s Story


I was beginning to despair that my son (6 y.o.) would ever get out of nappies at night. We had tried charts and rewards, no liquid after 7 pm, waking him up at 11 pm, etc. Nothing was working.

Thanks to your knowledge Carol and the NAET treatment of my son’s condition, he has not had one wet night in well over four months. It was like a switch was turned on and he had done it without even trying.”

~ Barbara, Caulfield

Case Study

Jacqui’s Story


Since having the basic NAET treatments for the immune system, I have found that I am sleeping better and even with late nights I am coping extremely well. My food cravings are greatly diminished, and just after Christmas, I even recognized an emotional trigger and was able to relax and delay the need for a chocolate fix while experiencing an emotional low. My energy levels have increased even though I have not been able to exercise much lately. I am looking forward to more NAET Treatments to address my period pain (which has already lessened) and hormonal imbalances.

~ Jacqui Browne

Case Study

Joan’s Story


“Since I was a child I have suffered from a wheat and gluten intolerance, but this was only diagnosed about 8 years ago. After several NAET treatments Carol encouraged me to try a very small portion of food containing gluten. I gradually increased this and was able to enjoy eating plum pudding and brandy sauce with Christmas dinner with no pain or bloating after many years of having to go without. I have since enjoyed bread roll, cake, biscuits and ice cream among other things without suffering the usual ill effects.

I am very grateful to NAET and Carol as I am now able to enjoy a normal diet and can dine out without the fear of eating something that would upset my digestion. I highly recommend Carol’s treatment to anyone suffering from Celiac Disease or any other intolerance.”

~ Joan Douds, Boronia

Case Study

Julia’s Story


“Thank you Carol. Since the NAET treatment for flowers, weeds, trees, pollens, etc. Josh, my 18 month old son is now able to play on the grass and in the sand pit without his eczema flaring up.  Also I no longer suffer from hay fever since my treatment to same.”

~ Julia, Healesville


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